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Peterson Reserve, Highett
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2015 - This is the beginning of an Alliance between Old Haileybury Amatuer Football Club (OHAFC) and Bayside Saints

OHAFC are over 50 years old and play in Victorian Amateur Football Association. They currently play out of Princess    Park, Caulfield and field a Senior, Reserves and Under 19’s teams in the “C Grade” competition. In 2006 they were “A”   Grade premiers.

OHAFC are a strong and proud club with a connection to the Haileybury schools.

OHAFC do not field a thirds or Club 18, so many of the old boys who would like to play on end up spread over other teams or retire. This is were Bayside will be able to assist with being a club of choice for all OHAFC.

Bayside Saints were formed in 2011 as a result of a merger between Federal bayside and Southern saints, they field 3 teams in the Vic Metro AFL Masters Over 34’s/40’s/45’s and its home ground is Petersen Reserve, Highett.

Bayside have been very successful of recent times winning 2011 over 34’s premiership and 2012/13/14 over 40’s premierships. As Bayside do not have a direct connection to any school or football clubs to attract young over 34’s This is were OHAFC will be able to assist by sending old boys our way.

This ALLIANCE will require support of OHAFC and Bayside players and officials, we will be attending match days at OHAFC to promote Bayside Saints and we will be invited to Luncheons/Trivia Nights/Thursday training for a beer.

If any Bayside player would like to play football on the off weekend we highly recommend playing for OHAFC, we have contact details if needed.

OHAFC website

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Superules Rules

Club Manual  As set out by Vic Metro Superules League

AFL Masters Terms & Conditions of Participation

BAYSIDE SAINTS CLUB SONG (to the Flintstones theme)

Bayside, we’re from Bayside
We’re the team that’s making his-tor-y
We love,  playing football
We’re as tough as any one can be
Born from, Federal and the Southern Saints
The hard-est, team you’ll ever play against
When you’re, playing Bayside
You’ll have a yabba dabba do time
A dabba do time
The Saints win every time.
BOOFA  .  .  .  .  .  OPEN THE BAR!!!



2020 Player Registration

Click the above link
to register yourself
for season 2020

Simon Dykes         0438 175 877
Robbo                    0449 082 213
Wayne Anderson   0410 042 353
0413 486 966
Wayne Anderson
0410 042 353
Pete Smith 
0488 406 640



Round 1

April 5th



Arrive 1:45 pm
Start:  2:45 pm




Round 1

April 5th



Arrive 11:45 am
Start:  12:45 pm


Round 1

April 5th



Arrive  9:45 am
Start:  10:45am

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